25 Things I Learned during my First Year of Dental School

June 11, 2014

1.     A little planning goes a long way.

2.     Instead of worrying, complaining and stressing, try initiating, implementing and doing.

3.     Not everyone that supports you will support you

4.     Being a grown up is hard. Avoid it all costs, but do buy pretty shoes to make the journey nicer.

5.     Plastic teeth burn really easy 0_o (fortunately, the real ones are less inclined :))

6.     When you tell people you are in dental school, and they say "oh you're going to be a hygienist", just smile

7.     Privilege is wondering why the stranger next to you didn't think to bring an umbrella on this rainy day or just hail a cab since they're carrying so many groceries.

8.     You might fail, learn how to do so with class, a good mani, and laid hair.

9.     You might succeed, learn how to do so with appreciation, humility and laid hair.

10.  Your friends have not forgotten you, they're purposely avoiding you because they want you to study hard

11.  Some of your friends and family believe in your abilities more than you do. Some of the faculty do too; Some of the faculty don't.

12.  It doesn't matter how much or how little someone believes in you, if you refuse to accept responsibility in your own journey to greatness out of fear that the naysayers will be proven right or fear that the encouragers will be disappointed.

13.  Everyone is running a different race. Instead of complaining that you are moving slower than the others, thank God because at least you have shoes to run in. At least you were able to enter the race.

14.  God is a show off, like really.

15.  The rubber dam is not as innocent as it looks.

16.  No one counts calories at 3AM

17.  The smoothie man on 168th is the realest to ever do it.

18.  It gets better.

19.  Smiling is a right that everyone should be guaranteed to, we all must have access to this universal language.

20.  Thank you cards still go a long way.

21.  Supporting others’ visions speaks to the faith you have in your own.

22.  Distance does not separate true friends; miscommunication and assumptions do.

23.  It’s way easier to use the mirror when it’s my hand at Block show, pretty tricky on a practical for the maxilla.

24.  Time is a luxury far valuable than all the teeth in the Henry Schein store.

25.  It really does get better :)